Zombies vs Aliens vs Vampires! ZAV, for short. Great name, for a great game? ZAV comes from a long distinguished line of world domination board games - as well as possibly a crazy swedish one about zombies. ZAV will keep you entertained for hours!

ZAV comes equiped with several game modes - story mode, which allows you to play predefine scenarios - skirmish mode, which lets you pit your strength against against AI players - horde mode, where you face down unsurmountable hordes and try to survive1 - as well as a very sensual stimulator!2

ZAV also has a very powerful map maker that lets you make intricate content easily. Setup a gameboard that you yourself would want - fight for global domination of your house, your work, or on the face of that neighbour you don't like! Have a virtual ZAV bar brawl at your favourite pub - guaranteed not to cost you anything!3

As a game, ZAV will grow with community feeback and has many planned features!4 Some of these upcoming gems include online multiplayer, extensive gamerules, and many more stories for all the race present!

Enjoy a game populated with many different, intersting5 races with their own unique stories! All of ZAV's race are organically grown in their own race pods6, and are guaranteed to brighten your day.7

The ZAV production staff will keep an open dialogue with the community, trying to update needed parts, make the game more fun, and preferably, allow far more usability out of the game - such as cross platform play between phones and PCs and other devices, and matter replication!8

We for ZAV to have you along with the journey, enjoy it every step of the way!

  1. Currently disabled
  2. Sensual simulator will not actually be included.
  3. DSMCP is not responsible if you incure a fine for wrecking a bar with a device you are currently conquering the bar on, however.
  4. See upcoming forum thread for a list of current upcoming features.
  5. Read:Insane
  6. No guarantee races have not actually come in contact with synthetic pesticides
  7. Guarantee is valid as long as you follow the following instructions. 1:Look at races. 2:Have your day brightened.
  8. Pending scientific and industrial breakthroughs.